Fourth Grade Lessons

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Fourth Grade Material List

Art Terms and Definitions

Thank You for choosing the Arttango Online Art Course to educate your students.

Begin by reading the lesson, then gather the materials for the project. Work through the project with the student to achieve the objective.

Each lesson builds on the previous one, so try to present each lesson in order to provide the student with the building blocks for a strong foundation to a comprehensive art education. There is a lesson per week for each grade level.

Fourth Grade Art Lesson 1

Base Line Self Portrait


The student will draw a self portrait, date it and put it away to use as a comparison for improvement at the end of the year.


5 X 8 index card, pencil


Welcome to the arttango program! My name is Lydia-Kay Blackburn and I am delighted to bring you an art program designed to help you learn to not only look, but to see. I want to start our very first lesson off by doing a base line portrait. By base line I mean I want you to draw a portrait of yourself that we can save and put away until the end of the school year. At that time, I'd like you to take it out and see how the quality of your drawing has improved. Let's begin, take your index card and pencil and draw a picture of yourself. Include things you like in your drawing. Put yourself in your favorite place. Add as much detail as you can and put your best effort into it. When you have completed the drawing, turn over your card and write you name and put today's date on it. Turn these cards into your teacher so she can store them in a safe place until the end of the school year.


Today we established a base line of where you are in your drawing. Do not worry how yours compares to someone else's. These will serve as records to help you see how you will improve your drawing by the end of the school year.

Artwork and Examples used in this lesson

Student Artwork

Student Artwork

Student Artwork